French 2 ch. 11 powerpoint


  • Ch. 11 vocabulary
  • Irregular past participle P.C.
  • Vandertramp P.C.
  • Negative expressions
  • Starters (19) 10/5-11/4

Contente de vous revoir à l’école… Welcome back to school!

Bonjour Frenchies! 

Voilà, the syllabi and policy/rules PowerPoint are attached! I can’t wait to get to know my French 1 students. I also can’t wait to see my French 2 &3 students again. I hope you all practiced your French over summer!!

à bientôt,

Mlle Katuls

policies syllabus16

French 1 syllabus 2016

French 2 syllabus 2016

French 3 syllabus 2016